Yoga, meditation, and mindfulness have become increasingly popular around the world. However, not all yoga is appropriate for those with combat or trauma-related health conditions.  At Battle Born Yoga Project, all our teachers are trained in mind-body practices beyond what most foundational yoga and meditation trainings offer. 
All classes are:
  • Culturally appropriate and conducted in way that is relevant to the military and first responder communities  
  • Evidence- Based: All teachers are continually up to date with the latest research and teachings 
  • Trauma Sensitive: The practices we teach are all trauma-sensitive, safe, effective and appropriate for those with visible or invisible injuries incurred from trauma, war or life
Mindfulness Benefits Literature Review_P
(Based on Walter Reed Army Institute of Research Study)
Population-based survey studies show that self-reported mindfulness is associated with:
  • Lower depression, anxiety, perceived stress, and PTSD symptoms
  • Fewer psychological healthcare visits
  • Greater perceived health
  • Better sleep quality
  • Better physical health
  • Fewer maladaptive behaviors, such as aggressive behaviors, risk-taking behaviors, and alcohol misuse

Benefits of Mindfulness Practices

A WRAIR study surveying active duty soldiers following a 12-month combat deployment to Afghanistan found that higher levels of self-reported mindfulness were protective against the negative health effects of combat exposure on:
  • PTSD and depression symptoms
  • Pain symptoms and functional impairment
  • Risk-taking behaviors
In other words, those Soldiers reporting higher levels of mindfulness reported fewer mental and physical health symptoms under conditions of high combat exposure.
Mindfulness training has also been found to:
  • Improve physical functioning (functional status, chronic pain)
  • Assists in the treatment of insomnia and substance use disorders
  • Mitigates mind wandering, lapses in attention, and stress
  • Among those in high-stress work environments, such as first-responders and soldiers in intensive field training, mindfulness training improved emotion regulation, sleep quality, physical health 
    and work performance
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