• Rachael Hunter-E-RYT 200 WAE Level 2 Instructor

    Founder /President/Instructor

    Rachael Hunter is the founder and President of Battle Born Yoga Project. She holds a deep admiration for those who have served or are serving our country. This is the heart of why Battle Born Yoga Project was created.  Through her devotion and a little over 4 years as a yoga teacher she has logged over 500+ hrs of yoga training. Training's consisted of having the opportunity to study under Kimberlee Orenstein M.S. where she obtained her RYT-200 in 2016 and went on to obtain her E-RYT 200 in 2019. As continued education, she has obtained extended hours through various modalities with emphasis on anatomy, yoga as a therapeutic model, Yoga for trauma and recovery, meditation for post traumatic growth and in-depth extended studies with Warriors at Ease under Beth Funk and Kesley Timas. Currently she is working to her obtain her Advance Yoga Therapy 300 Accreditation through The Guiding Wellness Institute of NC.


  • Dennis Kerr-Veteran

    YT-1000; WAE Level 1

    Advisory Board/ Instructor

    Dennis Kerr serves on Battle Born Yoga Project’s board as a leader and advisor. As a veteran himself, he brings to the table a full understanding of what it means to transition from one way of living to another.  He enlisted into the US Army from Sparks, NV and was in for 10 years, 2002-2012, as a musician. He is inspired by the fact that, like Nevada’s birth, his yoga practice is Battle Born.


    He took his first hatha yoga class while at the former Armed Forces School of Music in 2002. He read Paramahansa Yogananda’s Autobiography of a Yogi while deployed to Iraq in 2003 which was a turning point in his life. He holds a 1000 hour yoga certificate and degree from Boulder, Colorado’s Naropa University. 

    A significant project he worked on from 2016-2019 was developing a collaboration between Naropa University, which focuses on contemplative education, and the US Air Force Academy. The main theme was on having a dialogue with those of different viewpoints and backgrounds.


    He relocated to Reno at the end of 2019 and is currently attending Sierra Nevada University’s Master of Fine Arts in Interdisciplinary Arts

  • Bethany Viglietta-Veteran

    YT- 200

    Advisory Board/ Instructor

    Bethany joins the Battle Born Yoga Project Team as a Veteran and yoga instructor. She found
    yoga while still serving in the Army. Bethany took her first yoga class upon returning from a deployment
    in Afghanistan in 2011. An Army Commander forced that first class on the leaders of her unit and
    changed Bethany’s life. Yoga helped her heal injuries, both mentally and physically. She decided that she
    needed to share that feeling with her brothers and sisters, so she became certified to teach. She
    adjusted yoga to fit her team’s personality and removed some of the stigma of taking a yoga class for


    Bethany left the Army in 2016 but continues to serve our community as an ICU nurse. She believes in the
    art and science of healing which addresses the whole person to include mind, body, and spirit. In
    Bethany’s spare time, you can find her taking part in recreation therapy to include hiking, paddle
    boarding, working out, hanging out with her pups and trying new activities.

  • Rachel Solomon-YT 200

    WAE Level 1 Instructor


    My journey to yoga came from a place of pain; illness, two pregnancies, and life challenges had resulted in chronic back pain. I realized that the pain was limiting my abilities as a mother, and as a creator, and I knew something had to change. After a physical therapist told me to strengthen my core, I began making time daily to practice yoga. I discovered that beyond physical benefits, a daily yoga practice calms the mind, reduces stress and helps maintain a calm composure even off the mat. As my body healed, my ability to engage in other activities also increased, and my days became more productive; they were marked by happiness and satisfaction with my contributions to my home and family, instead of by pain.

    I was introduced to Battle Born Yoga Project when I met Rachael, and knew I had to get involved! Sharing the healing nature of yoga with others is my passion, and I firmly believe that the more people who do yoga, the more peaceful our world will become. Completing the Warriors at Ease training confirmed my commitment to serving the veteran and enlisted population in Northern Nevada, as well as their families, and I am excited to serve as a yoga ambassador to this unique population.

    There is an ancient saying, “whoever saves one life, saves the whole world.” Sometimes the world seems so big and scary, it can be easy to become disheartened, and feel that there is no point in even trying to make a change. With seven billion people, it’s difficult to see the effect your actions may have in the long term, or in the big picture. To me, this saying is reminding us that even if you change only one person’s path, and bring them to a better place, your actions have changed the entire world for the better. If my classes help even one student, they are worth teaching!.


  • Adam Carpenter- Community Outreach & Fundraising

    Adam Carpenter is committed to community outreach and fundraising for Battle Born Yoga Project as well as serving on the board.  He has spent several years teaching and running after-school programs in elementary schools throughout Washoe County School District, and ran a volunteer program for a year at a local non-profit.  During this time, he also proudly served for two years on the Zoning Advisory Committee for the Washoe County School District. In these roles he developed compassion and understanding for others who may not have all the necessary tools for success. He plans to carry this empathy and drive to help others in his new role as the Community Outreach Coordinator for Battle Born Yoga Project. In his free time, he enjoys recording and performing music, which he has had the good fortune to do around the country. He also loves reading, watching documentaries, and learning about astronomy!

  • Lisa McNevin-


    Lisa McNeven serves as Secretary for the Battle Born Yoga Project. Originally from the California Bay Area, she  moved to Reno in 2015. Lisa’s experience includes over 15 years supporting non-profit educational based organizations in California.  She currently volunteers at Galena Creek Visitor Center, helping adults and children make a connection with nature. She credits her yoga practice with bringing a foundation of balance to her life and looks forward to helping Battle Born Yoga Project provide that access to others.  In her spare time you’ll find her outdoors, hiking, kayaking, skiing or just enjoying the beauty of our area

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